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Nourishing and Empowering the Mother: Pregnancy Retreat

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Discover Michele's Book of Daily Inspirational Affirmations and Wellness Activities to Nourish You on All Levels


Receive Nourishment

Receive a MotherTouch session personalized for you. This combination of modalities helps induce a DEEP state of RELAXATION necessary for releasing unwanted patterns,pain, blocks, and fears, which, in turn lightens, uplifts, calms, balances, and nourishes both mother and baby. Mothertouch incorporates effective yet gentle, healing modalities, infused with sound, and high grade pregnancy safe essential oils, diffused during treatment, to help amplify and accelerate healing and relaxation.


Explore Nature

Schedule a walk and talk health coaching session on beautiful, moderate hiking trails. Add in a MotherTouch session and sound bowl infusion for added clearing, upliftment,and balancing.


Organic Cuisine

When a woman is pregnant she and her baby are one. Eating an organic, whole foods diet is important for both mom and baby, so mom is healthy during pregnancy, birth, and post-partum, and so baby is healthy, as well. Let's explore creative ways of nourishing yourself and your baby during your pregnancy and post-partum for a healthier, happier mom and baby.



Is this your first baby and you want to know how to support your partner in having the birthing experience she wants and you don’t know where to begin? You have so many unanswered questions and aren’t sure who to talk to? Are you feeling scared and uncertain about what your new role is going to be and how to fulfill it? Are you feeling anxious about how your partner’s birthing experience is going to impact you, her, and your relationship? Are you wanting to meet other pregnant couples to bounce things off of and establish a support network before the big day comes? If you are experiencing some or all of these concerns, then this class is for you. Starting on March 9th, this class is being offered to first time couples or those who have been down this road before and are looking for a refresher or a little extra support this time around. When women are pregnant, so much attention is focused on the mom and baby, and the partner can often be left twiddling their thumbs in the background, like a ship without a rudder, wanting to offer support and not knowing quite what to do. Your life is about to dramatically change, too, but with less of a road map than your pregnant partner. Your pregnant partner needs you to learn effective ways to support her prior to, during, and following birth. You will also need support, in order to most effectively support her. If this rings a bell for you check out Luna Wellness Portland, Or. Website to register. Spots fill quickly, as this is a popular class.

What you will learn in this 2 hour class:

-Effective pain management strategies to help support your partner during labor

-Breathing techniques, visualizations, guided relaxation specific to labor, affirmations for pain management

-questionnaire- to determine how mom can feel most supported during labor

-supportive movement

-how to recognize the different phases of labor and effective acupressure techniques to support during those stages

-aromatherapy specific to labor

-fear release

-postpartum prep