Workshop Series


-Part 1-Mind

Voicing, facing, releasing, and reframing your fears, which supports a more connected, conscious, empowered pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. Create powerful, effective pregnancy, birth, and postpartum affirmations that support your intention. Learn how to use these to effect change and rewire your neurological pathways and thinking.

-Part 2-Heart

Connecting with your hearts through creative expression and birth metaphors, involving multiple mediums, creating pregnancy and birth art for your altars, personal use, birth, and your memories.

-Part 3-Body

 Connecting with your baby through your body while learning ancient birthing movements, dance, and specific Yoga Asanas for optimal fetal positioning. Regular, enjoyable movement supports an easier pregnancy, birthing process, and postpartum transition. These movements can be used to support your birthing process while in labor.

-Part 4-Spirit

Connecting with your inner guidance, wisdom, and spirit through breath, meditation, guided imagery, sound bowl healing. Cultivating a stillness practice that is authentic to you that supports you in connecting with your inner resources during birth and postpartum.

When you are able to honor, connect with, express, acknowledge, and embody all aspects of your true nature, you can then move through your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum transitions with more ease, grace, connection, and self love! Are you ready to embrace this sacred journey you are on to the fullest? If even the smallest part of you is in a yes, you are not alone. I am have been waiting for you, along with a whole tribe of women just like you who are ready to walk this sacred journey with you!

Workshop Details:

Tues. January 7th 6-7:30

Tues. January 14th 6-7:30

Tues. January 21st 6-7:30

Tues. January 28th 6-7:30

Location: Zoom/online

Reserve your spot by contacting me through Mother-touch.com or michelepedersen66@gmail.com indicating which workshops you are signing up for.

Sign up through paypal.me/mpedersen66/

Sign up for all 4 classes, by January 5th only$175, after January 5th, $195

Individual class is $75

Feel free to call me with any questions! I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with you!