Wellness Packages


One 90 MINUTE session $125

Five 90 Minute Sessions $525 ($105 each)

Mother-Touch supports a calmer,conscious, connected, empowered pregnancy, and birthing experience for both mother and child. It is a combination of several effective, yet gentle healing modalities, that help mom deeply relax, release restrictions and fears in her mind, heart, and body from prior traumas, injuries, birth trauma,collective fear around birth, lineage stories about birth passed down through the generations, and media propaganda, that she may or may not be aware she is carrying. These restrictions, if not addressed, can adversely impact pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences, for the mother, baby, and partner. MotherTouch is comprised of several very effective modalities I have practiced for almost 30 years including Reiki, prenatal massage, craniosacral therapy, acupressure, sound healing, hypnobirthing, rebirthing, holistic treatment for the pregnant and postpartum body, Intuitive Health and Wellness Coaching, EFT and lineage healing. MotherTouch prepares both mother and child for a more conscious, empowered, and peaceful birthing experience and beyond. High grade essential oils are diffused with the mother's permission to enhance relaxation during the session. The oils used are safe and specific for pregnancy.

Sessions are personalized for pregnancy and postpartum needs.


MotherTouch Packages for Purchase:

MotherTouch: Be Empowered Birth Prep only $599


  • 3 MotherTouch sessions(90 minutes each); releases emotional and physical restrictions, supports optimal birth position, relaxes nervous system, mom, and baby.

  • Prenatal Yoga Asanas and ancient birth preparation movements to practice throughout pregnancy to promote relaxation, connection with mother’s body and baby,easier labor,promote ideal birth position, and easier birth,demonstration and benefits of different birthing positions.(1 hour)

  • Fear release exercise, effective stress reduction strategies, pre-parent bonding exercises(1.5 hours)

  • Sound nutritional guidance, suggestions, and recipes essential for an easier pregnancy, birth, postpartum transition, and healthy baby.(1.5 hours)

  • Build a personalized birth and postpartum plan and reflect on your birthing philosophy for an intentional, conscious, empowered birthing, and postpartum experience. Postpartum Preparation *Particularly beneficial for first time moms and couples*( one session prior to birthing)(2 hours)

    • What to expect physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically

    • Where to look for holistic support

    • Important nutrients,and meal planning for strong recovery and milk production(first 40 days); postpartum tincture helps prevent or reduce depression and anxiety that often experience in varying degrees as they process their birthing experience and gradually step into their new role as a mom.

    • Diastasis Recti- what is it, how to check for it.

Also Included:

  • A bottle of massage oil for pregnancy

  • Suggested essential oils for labor

  • Labor aide recipe

Optional(separate from package)

-Heal your birth story (For 2+ time moms)$75

-Mother Blessing ceremony to honor you in transitioning you into your new role, receive sisterhood support for an easier ,more empowering birthing experience, and to bless your baby on their journey.(2 hours)$125

-Comfort Measures in Labor Prep Class for Couples(2 hours)$120;$99 early bird special

MotherTouch: Strengthen, Nourish and Revitalize PostPartum Package only $599

  • 3 MotherTouch sessions(includes birth story session)- In home postpartum massage( add $20 for travel time)

  • Postpartum Yoga Asanas for exhausted moms(one session; 8 weeks postpartum, when doctor or midwife cleared)

  • Diastasis check- basic core reactivation

  • Mother Warming to warm the womb space, strengthen, nourish, revitalize, and ground(included in Diasthesis session)

  • C-section scar massage( post 8 weeks or when healing and doctor or midwife cleared)

  • Postpartum massage oil

    *Additional Mothertouch sessions $105

  • *Postpartum Mother Sealing or Closing of the Bones Ceremony- 2 hour session, includes belly massage, mother sealing, sound bowl, tea and birth story listening. Designed to fully welcome and ground mom and baby through their rite of passage from birth into motherhood.Usually performed 40 days and onward following birth.($125)

  • Infant Massage Class 2 hours(see Therapeutic Kneads for pricing) Saturday November 2nd from 2-4; in home instruction 1.5 hours $75(includes massage oil , safe and relaxing for baby)

Pregnancy Support Circles, PostPartum  Support Circles, First-time Fathers Support Group

  • For more information on pregnancy and postpartum circles, click here.

  • To learn more about first-time father support groups, click here.

Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching and Nutrition Packages

Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching focuses on more than just nutrition. Although nutrition is an important aspect of health and well-being, it is only one piece of the pie, so to speak. Together we will look at more than the "food" that you put on your plate. My health coaching sessions are personalized to meet you where you are and begin addressing the main areas of your life where you are not feeling fed. When these areas are tended to, other areas begin to benefit, as well. Everything is connected, which is why my approach is holistic.

These sessions go to the root of what is keeping you feeling stuck and begin to transform your mind, heart, body, and spirit. Together, we address and re-frame your fear-based, habitual, and unconscious thinking patterns, replace them with empowering, supportive thoughts, that become your new truth and foundation, get to know your inner saboteur, focus on what you want to create, and choose practical steps you feel motivated and inspired to take each day to move toward living your most fulfilling life. Everything is connected, which is why I refer to my coaching style as holistic. If you are ready to create lasting, sustainable change and start living a fulfilling life then you are someone I feel excited to work with.Together we will set you up for success by creating both short and long-term goals that create the long lasting sustainable change and life satisfaction that you are seeking. I am looking forward to supporting you on your journey toward a meaningful and more fulfilling life, because you are worth it!

HEALTH and WELLNESS COACHING and SOUL PURPOSE HEALING sessions are available by phone for your convenience. These are very effective and are a combination of Reiki, spiritual/lineage pattern healing, deep listening, Tapping, Health Coaching and Nutritional guidance, and goal setting to help you begin living the fulfilling life you've always wanted from a more authentic, intentional, and empowered foundation!

- 60 minute Coaching Sessions start at $75 an hour


Health Coaching Sessions:

1 month: Reboot or Kick-start(starting at $265)
  • Two 60 minute coaching sessions

  • 1 Mother-Touch session

  • Meet and walk 2 times a week (optional)

  • Session summary with goals (emailed)

  • Weekly email correspondence/check-in

  • Healthy recipes

3 month: Breaking the Cycle(starting at $495)
  • Two 60 minute coaching sessions a month

  • Three MotherTouch sessions (1 per month)

  • Meet and walk 2 times a week(optional)

  • Session summary with goals (emailed)

  • Weekly e-mail correspondence/check-in

6 month maintenance: Implementing New Habits for Success(starting at $840)
  • Two 60 minute coaching sessions a month

  • 6 MotherTouch sessions (one per month)

  • meet and walk 2 times a week (optional)

  • session summary with goals (emailed)

  • weekly email correspondence/check-in

  • Closure session or Extended Commitment Success program


Pregnancy is a time to connect with our changing bodies and our babies who are growing inside of us. This is a deeply transformative time for both mamma and baby. This workshop is the perfect blend of healing movement, opportunity to deeply connect with our Divine Feminine, as well as the amazing soul who is sharing your body, all of which support a strong, confident, healthy mom and baby during pregnancy, and a smoother birthing, and postpartum experience. This workshop is both fun and deeply nourishing on all levels.

Come share a few hours connecting with other pregnant women in this deliciously unique and nourishing workshop. 

  • Opens with a sound bowl clearing and intention setting

  • Warm up with therapeutic movement for pregnant mammas

  • Learn and practice a Bellydance sequence for pregnant moms

  • Cool down with an important sequence for opening hips to prepare for labor and for baby's optimal birthing position

  • We will end with Reiki infused with soundbowl and essential oil diffusion for pregnancy

  • Meditation for mom and baby bonding

  • Make your own labor and pregnancy oil to take home with you