A place to receive nourishment.

   MotherTouch was inspired by my own pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences,as well as those of my massage, healing, and childbirth clients. I have been honored to witness and hear countless pregnancy, birth, and postpartum stories in my practice. Although every woman and or couple’s experiences are unique, there are some common themes moms and couples express wanting to experience during birth: a sense of safety, control(empowerment), support, and connection. More often than not, regardless of a woman or couples intention, philosophy, or ideal, they often walk away from the birthing experience feeling disappointed, traumatized, defeated, exhausted, overwhelmed, undersupported, and completely under or unprepared for the challenges of the postpartum period. It is no surprise that postpartum depression is so prevalent. I believe this should not be our new normal! I BELIEVE that when a women who is pregnant and birthing feels supported, empowered, safe, and connected to her tribe, she is more likely to have less complicated births, calmer babies, and healthier transitions into postpartum, and motherhood.  Mothertouch offers women and couples the emotional, mental, and physical support and encouragement they REALLY need during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I BELIEVE when you nourish the mother, you nourish the children, the family, and the community. When a woman is pregnant, she and her baby are one. Pregnancy and birth don't just impact women physically. A pregnant mother's experience impacts her and her baby on all levels, well beyond birth. This is WHY  I BELIEVE it is so important to make sure she is cared for and supported mentally, emotionally, and physically during this time period. I BELIEVE what a woman does or does not receive impacts her pregnancy, birth, baby, and postpartum health for years to come. I believe women have everything it takes to birth vaginally, if this is the way she chooses to birth, shy of rare circumstances. I support pregnant women and couples in shifting their birthing paradigms from fear, self-doubt, and disconnection to one of empowerment, confidence, connection, and possibility. When a woman is pregnant her energy is moving from doing to being. She is naturally more intuitive and sensitive during this time, and her brain is being rewired. She is not only preparing to birth a baby, but she is also being prepared to birth herself. When a woman and couple are going through this rite of passage it is important to have some effective strategies and an understanding of what is happening and why she might feel the way she does. Mothertouch offers a variety of effective mind- body experiential, relaxation exercises a mom and couple can explore, to support a calmer mom, partner, and baby, healthy dietary approaches, easy, nourishing recipes for pregnancy and postpartum, and fun and enjoyable movement that supports an easier birthing experience.

   I BELIEVE that prior to, during, and following pregnancy are some of the most powerful transitions in a woman and couple’s life. The pregnant mother's time is often consumed by doctor's appointments, caring for her other children,if she has them, and in many instances, work outside of the home. The deeper questions about the physical, psychological, and spiritual transformation she and her partner are undergoing or sensing often go unspoken and unacknowledged, while percolating just underneath the surface of daily life. I BELIEVE it is important that the pregnant and postpartum mom and her partner feel they have a safe place to express their fears or concerns, and talk about the changes they are going through. This is WHY I created MotherTouch, because it offers a safe place for pregnant and postpartum moms and couples to connect, be heard, and address whatever concerns they are facing during these transitions. Mothertouch takes into consideration that a pregnant women needs more than a few childbirth classes, ultrasound appointments, and prenatal vitamins, to prepare for this huge life change,although these are important. Mothertouch endeavors to meet the unspoken needs of the Mother and couple, and helps them to confidently prepare for the uncertain terrain ahead. In order to approach pregnancy, birth, and postpartum holistically,  Mother-Touch has combined several effective, yet gentle healing modalities, that help the mother deeply relax, her mind and body, and proactively address personal, familial, and collective fears about birthing that can cause unnecessary and preventable challenges during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  MotherTouch is comprised of several very effective Mind-Body modalities I have practiced for almost 30 years including Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Intuitive and Nutritional Health and Wellness Coaching, EFT (emotional freedom technique), and lineage pattern healing. MotherTouch prepares the mother , couple, and child for a more conscious, connected, empowered, and peaceful birthing experience and beyond. High grade essential oils are diffused with the mother's permission to enhance relaxation during the session. The oils used are safe and specific for pregnancy. I BELIEVE that when the mother's load is lightened, so is the baby's. This is one of the greatest gifts a mother could give her child, and herself, in my opinion. This is WHY regular MotherTouch sessions support a happier, healthier mother, and baby which creates a strong and healthy bond between mother and child, and a more solid foundation for the baby to come into. 

    I work with women and couples who plan to conceive, are already pregnant, are postpartum , and who are raising children. Many couples face fertility challenges, which is heartbreaking, takes a toll mentally, emotionally, and physically on the mom and couple. Whether couples are struggling with fertility challenges,or are planning to become pregnant, in the near future, I believe, it is essential to create a healthy environment on all levels for your baby to thrive. This begins prior to conception. I BELIEVE it is helpful for the health of the mom and baby during pregnancy, for the couple to be more conscious of their diet, reduce unnecessary stress, and increase self-care(joyful engagement) prior to becoming pregnant, if she/they are planning on becoming pregnant in the near future. This is also an ideal time to clear our some old outdated beliefs and fears that you don't necessarily want to carry into your pregnancy, birth, or postpartum experience. I look at is as being proactive about creating the ideal environment on all levels for your baby to grow and thrive in during their time in the womb. During pregnancy a woman's  body is going through a variety of changes and she may experience pain, discomfort, fear of  the unknown, and difficulty sleeping. She may have fears about her pregnancy, birth, bodily changes, or parenting. She may have concerns about how she will care for her other child or children after her baby is born. She may have health concerns or issues arise during her pregnancy. MotherTouch can help her feel more centered, safe, confident, and connected with herself and her baby. I BELIEVE when a pregnant woman feels supported, calm, nourished, and relaxed, this enhances her baby's sense of well-being. A postpartum mom may be experiencing pain and soreness in her neck and shoulders from holding and feeding her baby. She may feel achy from childbirth and exhausted from not sleeping. She often feels overwhelmed, uncertain, and under supported in her new role. She is focused on her newborn, and or her other children's needs, yet needs to feel nourished, nurtured, and supported during this time of transition and reintegration, while meeting the needs of her new infant and or children.

   MotherTouch is incredibly beneficial during her postpartum recovery. It can give her a much needed sense of feeling supported and nurtured, lift her mood, reduce overall soreness, reduce stress,and induce calm. When the mother feels supported and nourished, she can more effectively care for her infant and or other children, and breastfeed more effectively; if this is her chosen approach. It also gives her the opportunity to share and sort through her birth experience in a safe environment. Children and babies are emotionally dependent on their mothers and sense when she is stressed. Regular Mother-Touch sessions can help both mom and baby to feel supported and held. I BELIEVE when a mother thrives, her children thrive.

   During your initial MotherTouch session we will determine short-term self-care goals, set an intention based on where you are, and create the optimal session or self-care package for you and your baby, to support you in receiving the nourishment you are seeking. I look forward to meeting you soon!

  MotherTouch is not a substitute for medical care and psychological support you may need during these transitions. It can be a beautiful compliment to any additional care you may be receiving and feel you need during this time. Please check in with your medical care provider or therapist prior to making your appointment with MotherTouch. I am happy to provide resources in the area that can further support a healthier, happier pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience for you and your baby.