Bellydance Workshop

(Coming soon!!)

Welcome pregnant and postpartum mammas!

Bellydance and Yoga workshop for Pregnancy and Beyond

     Welcome all you uniquely beautiful and powerful goddesses! Have you ever been curious about taking a belly dance class? Now is your chance to receive a taste of what it feels like to embrace your body as it is, whether pregnant, postpartum, or beyond. Belly dance helps women to reconnect with their inherent sensuality, their natural body’s expression. It helps women to connect with themselves and one another in a deeper way and learn to become confident in their body and in expressing their Feminine natures. The hips are where we hold our power and our creative energy, our pelvic bowl, our babies. Belly dance puts you in touch with this part of your body where your true feminine power lies and wants to be expressed. Many of our wounds are also carried here, so as a defense over time many of us have cut ourselves off from where our greatest power lies, our true connection with ourselves. Join me in celebrating your beautiful female, goddess energy through this ancient dance. Belly dance prepares mom for birth by connecting and reinforcing the natural movements she will make while she brings her baby into this world. It helps strengthen your legs and hips, and build endurance for a better birthing experience. It connects you with joy, is relaxing, and rejuvenating, nourishes and connects you with your inner feminine power, and supports a deeper connection with your body and your baby. I’m looking forward to dancing with you and your babies!