Nourishing the Mother Retreat: Sacred Pregnancy Retreat


MotherTouch: Nourishing the Mother Retreat is designed specifically for the mother-to-be. Pregnancy is a sacred time for both mother and child and it is important to take the time to retreat from all outside distractions and demands to receive the deep nourishment and inner reflection a pregnant mom needs for herself and her unborn child. Both benefit, as they are one during this time. This two- day nourishing retreat will give mom's to be the opportunity to connect with themselves and their pregnancy tribe, to express fears and concerns, share experiences, release fears, create empowering affirmations, experience and learn how to implement effective stress reduction tools for pregnancy, baby, and birth, participate in creating powerful birth art in preparation for labor, journal, reflect, learn specific yoga Asanas for pregnancy, along with sacred prenatal bellydance movements that assist in optimal baby position, easier pregnancy,and birth. This 2 day retreat is a combination of all the information and experiential exercises we would cover in the Mind, Heart, Body, and Spirit Workshops. Bring a meal or healthy snacks to share. I will provide a healthy snack, pregnancy tea, and water. Bring a yoga mat,meditation cushion, birthing ball, if you have one, and your favorite blanket. Each mom will receive a journal, pregnancy tea, pregnancy massage oil, and labor oil.

My wholehearted intention is that you allow yourself to receive from this retreat a deeper connection with your self, your baby, and each other. That you feel deeply nourished, heard, and held. That you create a supportive sisterhood that you can walk through pregnancy and into motherhood with. That you gain a clearer understanding of how your body works during pregnancy birth and postpartum, along with a deeper understanding of the rite of passage you are entering during all phases and holistic support as you journey through them. That you have the opportunity to create a solid and supportive self-care plan for your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum transitions. That you learn effective tools and strategies for all phases from pregnancy into motherhood. That you feel lighter in your mind, heart, and body when you leave. That you will have a greater sense of confidence, support, insight, and clarity going forward. 


I. Creating a Sacred Space to Honor your Pregnancy and Practice Going Within(Birth Art)

!!.Expectations and Fears

III. Connection- with yourself, your baby, and your sisters

!V. Body Image: Learn Sacred Bellydance, Move through Yoga Asanas specific to optimal birth positioning

V. Exploring Connection with Partner



VII Power Necklace/ Mother's Blessing


Going to the Bowl/ Completion

You will receive my coaching and MotherTouch support at a discounted rate after attending this retreat.

Location and dates: To be announced

Early registration is $175, Registration 7 days prior to start date $195(This includes all supplies)

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