Meet the Founder of MotherTouch


     My name is Michele Pedersen, I am a mother of 3 young adults, and just held my very first grandbaby in my arms. I raised 3 girls on my own and had very little support along the way. I felt this limited all I wanted to be able to give my children, and often found myself giving from an empty, depleted, unsupported place. My children deserved so much more than what one person could give. It always breaks my heart to hear women's stories when they haven't received the information, care, and support that could have made all the difference in their pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum experiences. This is WHY I created MotherTouch, because I BELIEVE women  need to feel supported and nourished mentally, emotionally, and physically during pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond. I BELIEVE this impacts the health and wellness of both the mother and child well into the future, which impacts the family and community. I also BELIEVE that when a mother receives what she needs, and heals old outdated beliefs and fears prior to or during pregnancy, she is able to birth and parent from a more conscious, connected, and empowered place for the benefit of her child(children).

    When I was pregnant with my first child, I was blessed to have met a chiropractor, who treated me toward the end of my pregnancy and while I was in labor with my daughter. She treated my daughter at birth, and we were both treated for the 2 years that followed. She essentially was my birth Doula, offering me constant emotional and physical support during my labor. I cannot imagine having done it without her. I didn't know that a midwife cannot usually sit by your side throughout your birth. Without my Doula/Chiropractor, I would have been completely alone during my first birth, with the exception of a midwife coming in to check on me from time to time. A Doula is invaluable, as the emotional and physical support she gives is now known to significantly improve birth outcomes for moms and babies. This experience changed my life and I felt that I wanted other women to have the opportunity to receive the care I did.

    MotherTouch is a combination of intuitive, supportive, holistic health and wellness coaching,emotional, mental, and physical birth and postpartum preparation,Reiki, EFT(helps diffuse fears and overwhelm), and spiritual/lineage pattern healing. This approach helps to clear mental, emotional, energetic, and physical blocks and patterns that are often passed down through the lineage, which I BELIEVE impact the mom's pregnancy, baby’s birth positioning, the birth, and postpartum experience, as well as the baby. I BELIEVE it is important to address as much as we can prior to and during a woman's pregnancy in order to support a more conscious, empowered, peaceful, pregnancy, birth, baby, and postpartum experience.

    I also feel called to bring the sacred back to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum for women desiring to dive a little deeper into the personal and spiritual transformation that is happening under the surface during her pregnancy journey. She is not just being transformed on the physical level, although this is the most obvious sign that something very powerful is occurring. I have found that creating a network of women during this time can be instrumental in how you enter into the uncertainty that pregnancy, birth, and postpartum can bring. This is why I offer pregnancy retreats and sisterhood classes, Mother's Blessings during pregnancy, and Mother Sealing and blessing following pregnancy to honor and acknowledge each rite of passage you have entered and moved through. It is very powerful to stand witness to and hold space for women during this part of her journey, as it helps her to connect with her inherent strength, wisdom, power, beauty, and grace, that has been there all along!

   My passion for empowering and supporting women and babies has led me on a long personal, educational, and professional journey so that I could serve from a more solid place. I received my Masters Degree in Health and Wellness Coaching with a concentration in Nutrition and Spiritual Healing. While undergoing my spiritual healing studies, I had to walk through profoundly, transformative, life changing experiences, while learning very specific healing modalities, so I could serve who I support from a clearer, healthier place. I received my undergraduate degree in Human Services and my A.A. degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant. During my clinicals, I received training in a postpartum women's clinic, which really made an impression on me in terms of how important it is for women to receive postpartum pelvic floor therapy and rebuild their diastasis recti, which often is separated during pregnancy and birth. When these issues go untreated they can lead to lifelong challenges and pain for the mother. Pelvic floor specialists are invaluable postpartum and can also help moms to prepare for subsequent pregnancies.  I have practiced Massage Therapy and Reiki for almost 30 years, am a Childbirth educator, prenatal Yoga Instructor, trained Doula, infant massage therapist, a certified holistic prenatal and postpartum bodywork practitioner, and have been trained in Craniosacral Therapy for pregnant and postpartum women. I studied Shiatsu and Chinese Craniosacral therapy for many years and incorporate that into my work, as well, as it is incredibly helpful for releasing both emotional and physical stress held in the body. This is the foundation I bring into MotherTouch and my work with pregnant and postpartum women. I have learned so much from each woman I work with and every pregnancy and birth is unique. I have witnessed and experienced how powerful the mind-body connection is during the birthing process. I BELIEVE prioritizing self-care has a huge impact on a woman's pregnancy, birth, postpartum experience, and her baby's well-being.  I have written a book for women about self-care: Nourish Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul:30 Days of Self-Care and am almost finished my book about pregnancy and childbirth, in modern times, which includes powerful interviews with many of the postpartum moms I had the opportunity to treat while they were pregnant, along with several midwives! Stay tuned. I am so excited to share it with all of you! My intention is to offer my services at any point during these significant transitions in a mother's life and that by doing so, a substantial difference is made for both the mother and child both during and following pregnancy. I BELIEVE that when the mother thrives her children thrive and the whole community thrives. I can't wait to meet all you amazing, courageous, mothers-to-be, who are wanting to and ready to experience a more conscious, supported pregnancy, and postpartum experience.