Pregnancy Support Circles

Welcome moms to be into this sacred, supportive circle! This mom-to- be circle is waiting to warmly receive you and your unborn baby into its nurturing nest. Bring your concerns, fears, joys, celebrations, wisdom, intentions. Support one another during this time of stepping into the unknown together. Experience guided journeys that help release fears, worries, and thoughts about yourself, your pregnancy, birth, or motherhood, in order that you can bring more ease, joy, confidence, and connection into these uncertain transitions you are in the midst of. This is an opportunity to cultivate new friendships, strengthen your internal foundation and external support system, as you embark together on the this profound journey into motherhood. It is not necessary to go through any of this alone. May this circle be a safe haven, a nest, a nourishing sanctuary that you can immerse yourself in and feel held every step of the way. Request to join our closed group, Mother-touch:Empowered Moms, Empowered Births on facebook. I'm looking forward to meeting you!


Postpartum Support Circles

Welcome new moms! The purpose of this group is to create a safe, nurturing haven for new moms to share, connect, received nurturing, and be heard by other mom's who understand how hard this transition into motherhood can really be. Many postpartum moms are experiencing feelings and challenges they had not anticipated, and don't have a safe place to connect and share their experiences. Many women have experienced unexpected birth events and may be feeling inadequate, disappointed, traumatized, regretful, disoriented, overwhelmed, exhausted, unsupported, isolated, and alone. If you are experiencing any of these feelings or are just wanting to meet other new moms, connect, ask questions, receive important contacts, and information that can support you wherever you are on your new mom journey, this is your safe place. All new moms, no matter how wonderful your pregnancy and birth may have been, have experienced a profound transformation on all levels and this can be a little disorienting.You have just experienced a major life change on all levels! This is no small feat! It takes time to re-root into the new creation you are becoming, as there is no going back to who you were before becoming a mother. You are forever changed. During the first 40 days following childbirth, you are your most open, most vulnerable, and most tired. All women deserve the utmost loving, caring, support on all levels to help them build a strong foundation in which they can be the best mom they can be to their little one. This Circle is here to help you do that and to connect you with additional resources that will really support you where you are during this transition. We are looking forward to meeting you! Request to join our closed group Mother-touch:Empowered Moms, Empowered Births on Facebook.